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Content For Estate Agents

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Why Create Content?

We’ve talked about content for estate agents a few times before: But what makes it so special? Why bother creating pages of writing, hundreds of images, and hours of video when all you’re trying to do is sell properties?

  • Rich Content builds trust.
  • Establishes you and your company as experts in the industry.
  • Gives you something to share in social media.
  • Drives organic traffic through SEO and social media sharing.

To provide more detailed answers to these questions, we have to do some thinking about how the estate agent industry has changed over the last decade.

Then and Now

Years ago, finding a estate agent was pretty simple. Most of the time, you connected through a friend or relative; the rest of the time, you found one by reading an ad, a sign, etc. What’s important about these traditional search methods is that your radius was limited to the people, places, and publications you already trusted, knew, and read. There was no easy way to break out of your circle without sacrificing your sense of confidence.

Sure, you could search the yellow pages and find a whole host of estate agents in your area, but all you’d really have is a phone number and a name. The question would always be,

“How can I tell if this estate agent really knows what he’s doing?”

Unless you went to the trouble to visit the office and talk to them, you’d have no way of knowing—and a fifteen-minute meeting wouldn’t necessarily answer that question, either. So people stuck to their circles, and were generally satisfied.

The web, of course, turned the whole industry upside down. True, connecting with an agent through friends and relatives is still the preferred method. (And why shouldn’t it be? After all, your friends and family are the people you trust most in the world.) Nevertheless, Internet search has made it much easier to reach outside what you know, to look for an agent to whom you have no personal connection. Today, you can find out practically everything there is to know about an agent on the web with the click of a button and without having to go anywhere or speak to anyone.

How Good Content Make a Difference…

Some of the information that prospects find about you on the internet—how long you’ve been in the business, which listings you have, etc.—is completely straight forward. That is, you can highlight it, but you can’t really change it. Other information is created by others—reviews, ratings, etc.—and is therefore beyond your control. But there’s plenty of information you can control and create, and this is what we mean when we say “content”: the stuff you write, shoot, and share that differentiates you and gives prospects something to go on when they’re considering whether or not to hire you.

Still, it’s not just about creating content: it’s about creating superior content. After all, the increase in availability when it comes to information also means an increase in noise. Years ago, your potential clients only had a few options. Today, they have seemingly unlimited options. So how do you make yourself heard? By producing content that’s better, more engaging, more informative than the other guy’s. We’re here to help you to do it.

Let’s look at some ideas for accomplishing this.

Start with a Great Website Experience – While we’re mostly concerned about the substance when it comes to creating content, it’s important not to forget the form—that is, the look and feel of your website. Just as you’d put your best foot forward when dealing with a customer, you want your website design to let visitors know that you care about your online image and have invested the time and money to do it right. If visitors start with a negative impression of the way your site looks, they’ll start with a negative impression of your content. Here are a few basic notes of things to look for in your website/blog design.

Keep it simple – Don’t feel you have to fill all the empty or “white” space on your site with extra icons, or images. Avoid fancy animations and drop down menus. These are more likely to distract users from your content, rather than attracting them to it. Keep the look clean and uncluttered. Let the content speak for itself.

Make sure it’s navigable That is, make sure visitors know where to go, what to do, and how to find what they’re looking for. Be sure icons and text are large enough. Use a readable font. Label everything. Consult your favourite websites for examples.

Punchy call to actions – There is little point in having a estate agent website that is just search focused, vendors need to know why they should choose you. Tell them why you are different!

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