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Digital News From January

With 2018 predicted to be another huge year in the realm of digital marketing and paid searches, January lived up to the expectations. Key developments across a number of platforms and sources have moved the goalposts once more. And this is set to impact estate agents and other businesses with immediate effect.

Here are some of the major changes and evolutions that anyone wanting to upgrade their digital game should understand.

Bing’s Audience Segmentation

Bing Ads is unlikely to ever knock Google off top spot. Still, the search engine does enjoy a noteworthy market share that should not be ignored by any estate agency website. The new Audience Segmentation features offer greater insight into market data. This can ultimately help tweak campaigns for maximised results.

The interface is broken into six tabbed sections. They are; Account Summary, Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads, Keywords and Ad Extensions. Results can be tracked and quickly analysed against the performance with non-target audiences. If advertisers read this data correctly and make the right changes to their audience bids, the efficiency of campaigns will soar.

Data can be backtracked to January 5th, 2018, so even those that capitalise on this later in the year will be able to see how their campaigns have worked.

Google AdWords Stops Showing Review Extensions

It was announced in 2017, and put into practice in the middle of 2018. The move to stop displaying extensions is to stop third-party reviewers. This means an even greater authority for the platform itself. Google now suggests that info is shown via sitelinks, callouts, and structured snippets extensions.

Naturally, this has also generated a minor change to the interface and display setting of AdWords. Given that 2017 introduced new Merchant Centre Tools and the Days To Metric feature, there has been a big change from 12 months ago. From navigation to bidding and campaign strategies, users will take some time to adjust.

Advertisers can still access and download their old extensions. This is achieved by navigating to Ads & Extensions → Extensions from the AdWords panel.

 Facebook’s New Look Newsfeed  

Arguably the most noticeable change to the online arena in January 2018 came from Facebook. The social media giant incorporated a new look newsfeed that utilises a new algorithm to present more relevant news for users. From an advertisers PPC perspective, this has naturally encouraged a few tweaks too.

While there is no need to overhaul a campaign’s content, it is worth noting the impacts. Mark Zuckerberg declared that the news feed would show fewer posts from businesses. In particular, it’s set to fight off-topic ones. Therefore, targeting the right audiences will become increasingly vital. Moreover, the unpaid organic reach is likely to see significant drops.

Multi-channel marketing is crucial for estate agents. Social media success will feed into the search engine results. Frankly, it is a huge development.

What Does It All Mean?

The January changes set to be followed by plenty of developments in February and beyond. As such, staying abreast of the latest trends and impacts is vital Failure to do it could see results slide fast.



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