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Google Image Data to Be Display in Google Analytics

 Google’s “Speed Update” has finally be rolled out. Starting this month, Google will start using page speed as a factor when ranking searches for mobile devices. Previously, this only affected desktop searches despite speed being more of a limiting factor for mobile devices and mobile data plans.

Google announced that the long-awaited speed updated would arrive in July and, as expected, Google has been ever-punctual with recent updates to its world-famous search engine.

For a long time, page speed has been a concern for many website owners, especially those that relied heavily on slow-loading content. Large images and auto-playing video content were a huge issue for mobile users, but measures have been taken to ensure that Google can deliver the best experience to all its users.

Google says that, at least for now, it will only affect pages that deliver noticeably slow performance on mobile devices. That means only a very small percentage of queries will be affected, and the majority won’t see a noticeable difference in results. However, as Google tightens the standards and more websites begin to optimise their web pages, we can assume that more and more websites will be hit by the speed update.

Page speed should always be a factor when it comes to improving the visitor’s experience. No one likes to wait around for pages, images or site services to load, hence why Google has determined that it’s enough of a factor to implement into its search algorithms.

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