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Estate Agent Marketing

Helping estate agents grow their brand online is what we specialise in. Estate agent marketing, whether its online or offline it must convert.

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Specialist marketing for estate agents

Search is a powerful tool, thousands of websites, thousands of experts & thousands of pounds spent. Marketing for your estate agent has never been so difficult. So choosing the right agency has never been so important.

Our agency Digital Munkey only focus on Search across all platforms (Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln) if the search happens we expect our estate agent to appear.

Imagine this! You had a leaflet campaign set out with over 55k leaflets to be dropped to selected homes, these leaflets have had hours of design work, print, and money spent, boxed and delivered to your office, but then they just sit in boxes behind your desk. You would tell yourself thats wasted marketing we need to deliver them. This is the same with your website that you’ve spent money on, if you then don’t market it in the right places and spend money optimising it, you may as well not have one and just rely on the portals.

Over the years we have adapted like many companies to make sure that the estate agent marketing field that we specialise in we are the best and that it works for your estate & letting agents.

We are the name in estate agents minds when it comes to search with our focus and planning on these 3 main areas:

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SEO (search engine optimisation)  & Google AdWords (paid search)

Re-marketing (display network)

Rich Content Writing / Blogs / Social

We have helped well over 500 estate agents now achieve page 1 results and ultimately convert the traffic

Thanks to the Team at Digital Munkey we have just in the last 6 weeks taken on and sold a property of the value £550k then off the back of that sale listed 3 more properties all at great commissions, we can’t thank you enough, Keith Russell – Russell & White / Basingstoke Estate agent marketing

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