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Is Your Estate Agency Socially Active?

social media for estate agents

social media for estate agents

Social media is one of the most important things a business can use to get better results. For estate agents in particular, using social media is a must. Here are an abundance of reasons you should be using social media for your real estate business:

It’s Almost Free

Unless you’re creating social media adverts, then using social media platforms to get results is free. You can simply create your accounts and begin getting followers right away.

Your Audience Is On There Already

Millions of people use social media each day. Your audience is already on there, so it’s up to you to go on there and reach out to them! If you’re not using social media to reach your audience, you can guarantee that your competitors are.

Increase Brand Recognition And Loyalty

Increasing brand recognition and loyalty is easy with social media. You post regularly, you speak to your audience, you establish yourselves as experts, and you just keep going until you’re getting better results than ever before. You can easily stay at the forefront of your customer’s minds with social media.

Show Off New Properties

Show off the properties you have for sale with social media. Put up pictures, post information on them, and let people see what you could help them with in general. Posting attractive pictures and information is likely to get you more clicks through to your website.

Answer Questions And Queries Quickly And Effectively

It’s natural for your audience to have questions about certain things, whether that’s a service you provide or a property that you have on offer. With social media, you can answer questions quickly and effectively. This helps you to provide better customer service to your audience, and you’ll continue to build that all important trust.

Share Blog Posts, Vlogs, And Other Content You Have Created

As a real estate business who wants to get to the top of their game, you should be regularly creating high quality and helpful content for your audience to enjoy. Social media is the perfect place to share these posts, whether you’ve written a blog or created an infographic.

Get Shares From Your Audience

Once you’ve posted informative content on social media, you could very well get shares from your audience. In some cases, posts become viral. Even if yours doesn’t, you will get a boost in website traffic, more followers on your social media pages, and more interaction than ever before. Google will also consider your business to be more trustworthy and relevant.

Improve Organic SEO

Although your main aim should be to provide a great experience for your customers, doing all of the above will also help you to improve your organic SEO results. It can take time to build your results and get to where you want to be, but by utilising social media as a real estate agent, you could find yourself getting a better ranking within the search engines.

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