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How can I get my estate agents website on page 1?

estate agent on page 1

There are two ways to get your estate agent website on page 1. Organic results (search engine optimisation) or through Paid search (PPC)

Organic results are natural results based on a series of complex algorithms. Google and other popular search engines try to show search engine result pages (SERPs) that best match the query.

Paid results known as PPC are placed by adverts according to a formula that includes how much someone is willing to pay per keyword. When the searcher clicks on the advert, this is when the search engine gets paid.

Estate Agent Organic search & paid search

As you can see from the image, Paid & Organic results are both great positions to be in on page 1, both need an expert to make work and convert. High streets and local areas have many estate agents in such confined areas. This is very similar to the search engines and Google is no different. Around 12 estate agents alone on this first page are returned in the search ‘estate agents chiswick”.

So how can we get your estate agent on page 1?

Good question! Search is forever evolving and we are forever learning. About 5 years ago search engine optimisation and paid search not only was performed tactically different but also looked very different.

SEO and high page results were previously achieved by a range of tactics like;

Paid Links, Stuffing pages with keywords, Link farming, Hidden text, Cloaking, Duplicate content, Blog comment spam.

Whereas today SEO is all about the human.

Examples of effective SEO tactics today are;

Producing quality content, Using structural semantic markup, Carefully crafted and accurate title and meta tags, Keyword research, High quality inbound links, Social marketing, Good user experience.

Paid search can be a quick fix, great for displaying offers and at least you’re in the mix to compete. Whereas organic search will take a little longer to achieve great page 1 results. Once appearing organically for some core searches locally, it may be the case to start to optimise for long tail keywords to further the conversions. Long tail keywords are the more descriptive keywords.

Let’s give you an example you’re looking for an ‘electric car for kids’ so you type this in on Google and results appear. You then find the right car and re type in ‘BMW Z4 white kids electric car’ to get the right results. This then is where the conversion and order happens. This is called a long tail keyword, and how we can perfect the search.

Everything we focus on here at Digital Munkey is for estate agents to appear in search. Our work is mostly focused on helping the estate agent get more valuations and new landlords. Whilst we cannot guarantee the vendor or landlord clicking on your website, liking your brand or even wanting you to sell or rent their property out, if the search happens we expect our estate agent to appear.

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