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Why Fresh Content For Estate Agents?

Every modern estate agent should appreciate the importance of a strong web game. Most businesses in this sector will invest heavily in an aesthetically pleasing design. In truth, though, this counts for very little if it isn’t supported with regular content.

Fresh content results in a better website in the eyes of Google as well as the clients. Here are just five ways in which a regular stream will send your online strategy through the roof.

#1. A Chance For More Keywords

Even if you are a newbie to the world digital marketing, keywords is a term you must familiarise yourself with ASAP. Essentially, these are the focus words that clients search for when looking for a product or service. As an estate agency, these words will relate to properties as well as the geographic location.

Each post offers a new opportunity to gain a greater presence without falling into the pitfall of keyword stuffing. Keywords rank highly on Google’s indexing algorithm. Meanwhile, clients that are actively searching for those terms are more likely to land on the site too.

#2. Staying Relevant For Google

When indexing pages, Google likes to provide its users with the best experience. In many cases, this means giving them the most recent and relevant information. When your website is regularly updated with new and valuable data, the search engine will present it to potential customers. Moreover, posts may show in other categories of the search, such as the ‘news’ tab.

#3. Lower Bounce Rate

 If your website is lacking quantity and quality, bounce rates will occur for two reasons. Firstly, the fact that you’ve stuck to broad keywords means that some visitors will reach the site only to realise it isn’t the type of service they assumed. Secondly, when guests do arrive, a static site can look more than a little unprofessional.

Increased content naturally means that the site can appeal to a bigger audience. Moreover, it will provide each demographic with a  more valuable experience. Better still, as an estate agency, this can go a long way to inspiring the level of confidence needed for conversions.

#4. Authority Potential On Google

Aside from giving their users recent updates, Google prefers to promote the sites it can trust. Gaining a status of authority will work wonders for the site’s traffic, and is something all web owners actively seek. Regular, valuable content is king. With more pages being indexed, that ‘industry leader’ status will soon follow.

#5. User Engagement

Perhaps most importantly, though, regular updates give customers a reason to keep returning. Most potential buyers and tenants are likely to spend weeks or even months browsing properties before taking the next steps. So, naturally, giving them something new when they make those weekly visits to the site is highly beneficial.

Posting new listing is one thing, but you can do so much more. Giving tips to clients not only keeps them visiting but also builds that bond of trust. So, when they do finally come to choosing an estate agent, who do you think they’ll choose? Exactly.

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