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Google Map Listings For Estate Agents

Google Map Help For Estate Agents is a frequent question that we get asked. Map listings organically are very powerful and if we had an estate agency we would want to appear in the A-G listing results. However it’s not that easy.

Some companies will call your up saying they work for Google’s directory or Google Maps this will never happen so be very careful.  No company can guarantee map positions but you can do certain things to help you to appear.

Have a Google plus page that is 100% completed
Get some Google reviews
Make sure the G+ page is on your website
Verify the page
Make sure there is only one page for the branch
Check local directories that, 1 you appear and 2 its consistent
On site SEO
Local SEO
Basically Google needs to recognise you

This link is where you need to check if you have a page built already Google Business

But remember there are no promises.

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