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Estate Agent Map Update From Google

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Estate agent owners and SEO Specialists have noticed that local searches in Google now return a smaller Map. Local maps used to have seven listings (A-G) but, starting on August 6, they have been displaying only three results.

Aside from being more limited, the local Map also has a new look. Results no longer feature addresses and phone numbers, which means searchers who want to get a business’s contact details must now go to its website or check out its Google Maps listing. Links to Google+ and Google My Business pages are also no longer viewable.

We have been saying for quite a while now that you should never rely on the map listing and it would not surprise us if over time Google won’t bring back a map result in such a dominant position.  Even more important to target specific traffic via Paid Search (AdWords) or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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Although there are ways and techniques to help get your estate agent in the top three results of the map, Estate agents or any business for that matter should never be paying for this service.

With these information has be removed, local map listings now only show limited details. Links to customer reviews are still shown but, unlike before (when they were labelled as “Google Reviews”), they’re now stated simply as “Reviews” along with the number of reviews that a business has. Listings also display office hours and opening / closing times.

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