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It’s fair to say that most vendors and landlords search online before choosing what estate agent or letting agent. As such, a strong online presence is vital for a modern estate agents. Perfecting your digital marketing and SEO strategies should be considered an immediate priority. When choosing an expert, Google Partners should be the only candidates on your shortlist.

Here’s all you need to know about what elite level experts can do for your estate agency business in 2018 and beyond.

Why You Need Strong SEO

Take a second to put yourself in the shoes of a vendor or landlord. Where is the first place you will turn when beginning your search for the right estate agent? That’s right, Google.

Once you’ve started your search for “properties in [insert location]”, it’s almost certain that you’ll pick one of the sites on the first page of results. Therefore, it’s only natural that the estate agents with a high ranking are the ones that are most likely to gain the most traffic. If your business is going to beat the competition, it must first learn to master this aspect.

After all, many properties will be promoted by several estate agents. If another agency gets seen before yours, the chances of gaining the commission for the sale become minimal. While a great website design is key, the importance of a winning SEO strategy cannot be emphasised enough. There are many professional teams out there, but Google Partners are the best by far.

What Are Google Partners & Why Should You Use Them?

Google Partners are digital marketing experts that have passed the exams to understand the newest trends. From Adwords to keywords, companies with Google Partners status boast the latest tools to shoot websites up the rankings.

For an estate agency website, this usually means reaching the local audience with optimum efficiency. After all, the vast majority of business will come from nearby people that are simply looking to move home rather than relocate. In fact, even those looking at relocations will know the town or city that they’re looking at. With the help of certified Google Partners, your site will gain far greater visibility with those demographics.

Google Partners have the capabilities of transforming your online visibility through various tools. This list includes search, mobile, video, shopping, and display advertising. Aside from gaining a strong presence and great responses, the latest methods also avoid Google penalties. In turn, this ensures that the organic traffic spike is built to last.

Unfortunately, many of the other ‘experts’ are stuck following outdated methods. This will inevitably lead to limited results. By acquiring a better SEO and digital marketing strategy, you can be sure that more people will land on your site. Moreover, a strong presence encourages potential clients to trust the company too.

When followed up with the right interactions via the website/App and other interactions, conversion rates should soar.

The Final Word

If you’re serious about increasing the online traffic for your website, upgrading your SEO game is imperative. Google Partners are the only way to guarantee effective results that ate built to last. At Digital Munkey, our team boast the expertise to bring those simply stunning outcomes.


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