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How To Keep Vendors On Your Website?

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How to keep vendors on your website?

At the start of March we have had our website enter phase 4 with Video content now visible on the site. Video for estate agents whether its area guides, property videos, staff profiles, testimonials etc, will see a massive increase in time spent on your estate agency website.

We have seen from the start of March an increase in Average time spent on our site. Average time spent on site in February 2015 was 1 min 43 seconds now the average time is 3 min 42 seconds thats 2 minutes longer!

Not only have we seen a massive increase in time spent but the conversion has increased by 22%. Simple stuff sometimes. This is the year of Video.

Think about it like this,

It is hard enough to get new vendors/sellers to see your brand but once you get them there its about converting the traffic. Video content will definitely help.

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