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Using Paid Search Adverts In 2018?   

As an estate agents, getting your site and property listing seen by the right audience is one of the most important challenges that you’ll ever face. Paid search advertising is undoubtedly a key item that will form a crucial part of the overall marketing strategy. To get the most out of this tool, though, you must take advantage of the latest possibilities and trends.

Here’s all you need to know for 2018 and beyond.

What Is Paid Search And PPC Advertising? 

By now, you are probably familiar with the term Pay Per Click. Likewise, you understand the basic concept of using ads where you pay for engagement rather than impressions. However, there’s a lot more to understand about this method.

When thinking about PPC and paid search ads, most people think exclusively about Google’s Adwords platform. As an estate agents business, however, there are various other platforms to consider. Social media platforms ranging from Facebook to LinkedIn can be equally vital as you look to reach the right demographics.

Still, paid search advertising deals with the links shown directly on search engines and their partners. This can cover text adverts within the listing as well as visual ads located on the side of pages.

Using Paid Search Adverts In 2018? 

Given that we’ve all been won over by those adverts at some stage during our browsing experiences, the rewards of getting it right in 2018 are evident. Here are some of the key factors and recent developments to consider.

The Google versus Amazon battle is fiercer than ever. Google’s ‘local services’ development is still a growing concept. This is due to play a key role over the coming years for estate agents and similar companies. Given that people using Amazon aren’t searching for properties either, Google is the way to go.

While hardly a new idea for 2018, it should be noted that paid searches do appear on mobile devices and other screens. Therefore, the designs of any paid search ads needs to be versatile. If it doesn’t look great on all screen sizes, the estate agency could lose out on over half the audience. After all, browsing properties in bed or on the sofa is very common.

Voice and visual searches are becoming more common as devices capable of both concepts continue to climb. While each of these ideas is in its respective infancy, 2018 will see huge evolutions. The SEO and paid ad campaigns that capitalise on those features are sure to reap the rewards throughout this year and beyond.

Structured data will play a more important role than ever. The Google Manufacturer Centre already allows estate agents to upload data for SEO purposes. However, the dynamic pulling of info from landing pages and other website features is now reaching the paid search arena too. This is so that Google can give its users a better experience. Feed into this, and the campaigns will succeed.

What Does It All Mean?

With new features and trends set to generate a huge shift in 2018, there are now two options available for estate agents. You can either learn how to capitalise on those opportunities yourself or hire someone that can. It truly is that simple.

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